Cine to DVD conversions

Need a VHS tape or Super 8 transferred to DVD?

Give us a call.

Our rates are competitive and we will work Australia wide. Even world wide if you are willing to pay the postage.

We will look after your precious memories as if they were our own.

We can look after;
·        35mm Slides and negatives (slideshow extra)
·        110, 126 and other format negatives and slides (slideshow extra)
·        8mm standard cine(Pre 1965)
·        Super 8 cine  (1965 to the advent of video cameras)
·        Super 8 cine with sound
·        Betamax
·        VHS Cassette
·        Hi8
·        Digital Hi8
·        VHS-C
·        MiniDV
·        DVD Camcorder discs
·        iPhone video  
·        iPad video
·        Smartphone video
·        DVCAM
·        DVD, CD, Dual layer DVD and Blu Ray disc duplication  with inkjet printed artwork (provided you hold the copyright)

Our 8mm telecine chain also provides frame by frame restoration, and anti flicker as well, if required.

Our rates are competitive.

Special rates available for bulk tapes and cine

Coming soon; 16mm cine! 

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