We believe that a wedding is so much more than “just a wedding”

It is the bride’s special day, and that it should be her day.

Here at The Amazing Picture Factory, we have been photographing weddings since February 1982, and provide two services to make things easier for the bride.

We can either provide a ceremony only service, or the full day service.

We advise booking the full day service, as the cost is not that much different, and you know that we will be there documenting the wedding unobtrusively for the entire day. Start to finish.

We have seen many brides in tears when they realise they have only booked the photographer until an hour after the ceremony. To us, that is an unwanted bad memory on the day, and avoidable.

We are with you literally all day,  from the makeup session until the bridal waltz.

This is a typical rundown of what goes on – and again, as its the Bride’s day, we will photograph anything the bride wants on her special day.

·         The bride and attendants having their makeup and hair done.
·         Then the dress fitting, and portraits with the girls
·         Any pre “getting into the car” photos.
·         The boys at the church or venue.
·         The bridal party arriving for the ceremony.
·         The ceremony itself.
·         The congratulations from family and friends afterwards at the ceremony
·         The formal photos at the location you desire, with the people you desire.
·         The cars, and any shots you want.
·         Then the reception, with table shots of the guests before the food is served.
·         The bridal party being presented.
·         Speech makers
·         The cake, the cake cutting – both real and pre staged.
·         The bridal waltz.

What we have found over the years is that most celebrants and churches treat the wedding as an extremely serious occasion, and so to respect the sanctity of the service, we keep our movement to an absolute minimum during the ceremony.

After all, the eyes of your friends should be on the bride and groom – not the photographer scurrying around.

We also encourage you to have your parents or special persons come along to the formal photos for a special portrait.  It’s great to be able to look back at these photos in the years to come.

With the cake cutting, many photographers cease their services after a fake cake cutting, usually held in a convenient room at the reception.

We take this opportunity to get some nice shots of the cake, and yourselves with it.  However, we feel the true memories of the day happen when you cut the cake in front of your guests.

What about the negatives?

We are one of the few photographic studios who believe that the bride and groom should not only get the ‘negatives’ but also the copyright.

What we do is process the photos, around 300 of them, and then print up a series of thumbnails – just like the old contact sheets.

We than give that to you along with a disc of the photos. These photos are not watermarked at all, and are ready for you to have printed. 

To make life easier for you, we also give you a letter saying that you have copyright permission to have reprints made.

Our only request is that you make a copy of the disc, keeping the original in a safe place and never loaning  it out.

Many studios will charge you a fee to attend the wedding, and quietly forget to tell you about the compulsory photo packages you have to buy after you have already paid for them to come.

Also, many studios charge extra for attending the reception.

We dont.

Here are just a few of the wedding photos that we have done in the past couple of years.

We first started in 1982 with film (remember that stuff) and so shot the wedding photos accordingly. Opting for quality on each shot.  Ten rolls of 36 exposure film for a wedding was considered an extravagance!

That same work ethic applies with us in the digital age. We shoot quality not quantity. So many people judge a professional photographer by the number of shots they produce, not by the photos themselves.

We use exclusively Nikon professional cameras with ED glass - the sharpest they make.

Need a nice wedding car?

And yes... we have exclusive access to a Mercedes long wheelbase limousine if you want to have a bit of luxury on the day..

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