Concert video

If your school or dance school is planning the annual end of year concert, then consider us first if you want it filmed.

Because filming your event can become a huge fundraising project for your school.
One private school in Echuca raised over $5000 from DVD sales for the one concert.

What we do is simple;

We film the production and edit it professionally, and then once you have approved the draft, we can either give you the master disc to duplicate, or for a low fee we can duplicate the discs for you.

What we like to do is liase with the director of your concert a few days beforehand, so we can ensure that you have adequate stage lighting , a sound feed and a platform we can work from.

These aspects are vital, and help make the difference between a professional production and a "mate with a handycam" waving in the dark, with dodgy sound.  You would not belive how many calls for help we get, asking to fix the terrible results.

If you like, we can have up to three cameras operating, so you can have a truly stunning multi camera production for your DVD.

The cost for a multi camera shoot is not that much on top of the main booking, however, it takes a little longer to edit.

Then give us a call. It is cheaper
Oh, and we will travel anywhere in Victoria and southern NSW.

What cameras do we use?

Sony professional broadcast cameras are our choice, as we use these for news gathering and they fit seamlessly with the production flow of  our main clients, especially when we have to send the vision back using satellite.

As such, the cameras give stunning picture quality, better than most sub $10,000 high definition cameras.  The audio is better than CD quality when recorded, so any live audio truly is given the best recording treatment possible.

The lenses are especially made by Fujinon to suit the 2/3 inch triple CCDs used in the cameras. The widescreen chip is almost the same size  as a 16mm cine camera, but recording in red green and blue, the triple CCD system ensures the best possible colours and razor sharp image.

The cameras have Sony’s own patented technology called True Eye and Dynamic Contrast Control, so the details for example in a brides or debutantes dress are maintained to the most minute detail without bleaching out. 

These features are only available in the Sony professional cameras.

You can duplicate DVDs?

Yes we can. We have a specially made disc duplicator that can handle CD, DVD, DVD dual layer or Blu Ray, and we can easily copy and print artwork on them, completing  an average of 100 overnight, or five hundred without artwork printed.

With the artwork we can do that for you, or you can supply it.

Again, costing is reasonable.
Just phone for a quote.

This is so much easier than taking around 15mins per disc at home.

Tips to make your DVD  look great;

A video camera is simply a camera that can record sound.   You need to ensure that you have adequate lighting on the stage, and subjects. Without light, a video camera will not record pictures.

We also need to be able to record what is being said. If you have a professional audio technician working, the best result is to take a direct link from the mixer.  

For events that don’t have this, we are able to supply stage microphones and a mixer for our cameras.  The very worst setup is to rely on the cameras microphone.

The video camera is not like the human eye and ear that can compensate  for bad lighting and sound.  What the camera sees and hears is what it records.

 In other words;  No light, no picture,  no audio  - no DVD.

Using two of our broadcast cameras for the RivADance Debutante Balls. These are truly great cameras that give a magnificent quality image.

We use radio links for the audio between the stage and the camera to minimise an OH&S issues.

*ALERT* tech stuff!
This is the main camera being set up.
For the Techies, it is a  Sony DSR570WS with a 2/3 inch, 3CCD chip with fujinon optics. If it is good enough for the BBC, then its good enough for us.

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