Live Streaming

*Coming Soon*

This is so exciting, we just could not help ourselves...!


Imagine the scenario;
You have an event happening and you have people wishing to attend from all over the country, but due to their work pressures and budgets are unable to attend.

Well, now you have the opportunity to enable them to participate and watch the event live on their computer or mobile device.

Five years ago the cost to do such a thing would have been prohibitive unless you were a telco (The Bigpond V8 Supercars come to mind)

Now its within reach for anyone.
At a sensible price.

At the moment, we have two major restrictions.
    Firstly its a single camera operation that is sending the raw vision.
    Secondly the event must be in a location where we have internet access.

In the not too distant future, we will be able to provide a multi camera switched live event.

Events that are suitable for live streaming include

Wedding ceremony
Debutante Balls
Funeral ceremony
Press conference
School concert
Dance concert
Sporting events

In addition, not only will we be able to offer a live streaming service, but also a DVD of the event as well.

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